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Foundations – An Ambuja Knowledge Initiative, endeavours to enhance and expand the knowledge base of the Architects, Engineers and Construction (AEC) professionals. Ambuja Knowledge Centres, a bespoke initiative, aims to advance the knowledge of construction professionals through sharing

Foundations – an Ambuja Knowledge Initiative, endeavours to enhance and expand the knowledge base of Architects, Engineers and Construction (AEC) professionals. The initiative serves as a platform to share information, create interaction and provide inspiration to the AEC community. It also seeks to evolve an experiential and exhaustive understanding of cement, and encourage innovation within the field.

  • Change perceptions about cement and concrete.
  • Encourage experimentation in the industry.
  • Facilitate the opening of a new chapter for cement and concrete in contemporary architecture and design.
  • Open minds to realise the awesome potential of the material.
  • Educate the AEC community about the potential and versatility of cement.
  • Increase knowledge quotient of design professionals by de-mystifying the material.
  • Expand avenues for creative and participatory experiences of cement and concrete for the user.

Foundations – an Ambuja Knowledge Initiative that encompasses multiple-levels of innovative and experiential formats for activities that will inform, activate, interact with and inspire the AEC community about the cement industry.


National learning and training initiatives

Another initiative aimed at the AEC community is the National Learning and Training Initiative. This will help professionals expand their knowledge about concrete and the innovative ways it can be put to use. Through a series of lectures, studios and workshops, training sessions, and interactions with experts in the field, AEC professionals can learn about innovative new products and technologies. An interaction with world renowned engineer William Frazier Baker, also known as Bill Baker, was organised by Ambuja Knowledge Centre - Mumbai.

Ambuja Knowledge Centre

Ambuja Knowledge Centres (AKC) serve as a knowledge sharing platform for construction professionals. Currently, over 30 AKCs are operational in various parts of the country. AKCs help in advancing the knowledge of professionals through practical workshops and also function as experience centres that promote and offer solutions for cement and concrete applications.


AKC aims to provide AEC professionals with the following services:

  • Material library
  • Reference portal
  • Professional support/guide availability
  • Inspire usage of product/material
  • Allow a hands-on experience on cement concrete
  • Allow a broad understanding of opportunities and resource for the same
  • One stop shop for ideas


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