Support and services

Ambuja Cement has been creating differentiated engagement with its customers through its support and services. The services address the needs of the company’s three main customer segments – Individual Home Builders, Masons and Contractors, and Professionals

Ambuja Cement has been creating differentiated engagement with customers and influencers through its value added services. Users and influencers are empowered and educated through onsite guidance regarding right construction practices, training and certification of unskilled/semi-skilled manpower, knowledge transfer on advancement of materials and technology, developing simple tools and methods for improving construction practices, customer and influencer engagement programmes and other value added services.

The company has been creating sustainable impact beyond its business too. A team of 300 experienced graduate civil engineers is engaged in creating a sustainable impact utilising the company’s products and services. The team has developed a simple-to-use service package that includes a customised mix of concrete and a waterless way of curing concrete. It also provides simple design layouts to build houses in small towns where professional architects are not available. The group conducts regular seminars to create awareness about good materials and good construction practices. Ambuja engineers also provide practical training to small contractors and masons to improve their skill and practices.

Ambuja Cement's support and services are tailor-made to suit the requirements of each of its three main customer segments: Individual Home Builders, Masons and Contractors, and Architects and engineers.

Individual home builder

Individual home builder


Ambuja Cement helps Individual Home Builders (IHBs) across the country construct their dream homes by providing construction tips, expert advice about estimation and design, materials, curing and correct techniques, etc.


With these services, IHB's can proudly say that they have had the keen eye and expertise of Ambuja Experts while building their homes.


  • Ambuja Cement
  • Ambuja Plus Roof Special

Basic Services

  • Construction tips
  • Planning
  • Materials
  • Curing
  • Estimation and costing

Site services

  • Architectural drawing and estimates
  • Instant Mix Proportioning
  • Modular Curing Solution
  • Cover blocks
  • Concrete testing
  • Insulated walls
Masons and contractors

Masons and contractors


Ambuja Cement's interventions are aimed at helping masons and contractors grow their business through the enhancement of their knowledge and skills.


  • Ambuja Cement
  • Ambuja Plus Roof Special


  • Relationship building.
  • Knowledge sharing through newsletters and site visits.
  • Skill building through workshops on topics like steel estimation and design, earthquake resistant construction practices, repairs and water proofing.
  • Certification and empanelment.
  • Imparting of soft skill programmes, organising of health camps and extending insurance cover.
Architects and engineers

Architects and engineers


Ambuja Cement has become the trusted partner of architects and engineers by offering them knowledge, customised solutions, construction cost optimisation methods, etc.

The services are aimed towards the building of relationships and helping the company become the trusted partner of these professionals.


  • Ambuja PowerCem
  • Ambuja Buildcem
  • Ambuja HighCem
  • Ambuja RailCem
  • Value-added products
  • Alccofine Micro Materials
  • Mineral admixtures
  • Cement Grout
  • GGBS
  • Dirk Pozzocrete (P100 Classified fly ash)


  • Technical lectures on topics ranging from advanced materials and technology to quality assurance and quality control, etc.
  • Workshops on varied topics including mix design, durability, etc.
  • Onsite training to project team to help in better construction.
  • Solutions.
  • Material testing.
  • Admixture compatibility.
  • Mix designs.
  • Mix design trials.
  • Customised concrete solutions.
  • Troubleshooting.


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