Sustainable construction

From initiatives aimed at capacity-building and knowledge sharing, to rain water harvesting and concrete quality improvement support – Ambuja Cement’s sustainability initiatives have been key differentiators for the company

Ambuja Cement's sustainable construction related services have been a key differentiator for the company and helped build the brand's reputation for long-lasting and durable structures. The initiatives are aligned with Ambuja Cement's objective of inspiring increased usage and the encouragement of innovative ways to use concrete. From initiatives aimed at capacity-building and knowledge enhancement, to rain water harvesting and concrete quality improvement support – these value-added services have helped the company better address the needs of its customers and cement its image as a concerned corporate citizen.

Rainwater harvesting solutions

Ambuja Cement has been leading the industry's efforts to tackle the effects of climate change as a responsible corporate citizen. Ambuja Cement's efforts to save water at its plants and surrounding areas have equipped the company with valuable expertise which have provided critical thrust to broad base the efforts to conserve rainwater. 

The Ambuja method of Roof Top Rain Water Harvesting has been launched in five centres of our core markets across regions.

Concrete quality improvement support and testing

The value-added service by Ambuja Cement helps customers improve concrete quality through onsite support and testing. The company also certifies the strength of the concrete which helps in increasing awareness about quality.


  • Improvement support and test of concrete at site by trained lab technician.
  • Cast concrete cubes from the concrete produced at site, ensure proper curing of cubes and test at specified age at concrete laboratory.
  • Provide test certificate for strength of concrete.


  • Timely guidance on optimum water-cement ratio for desired workability and necessary corrections to the concrete mix.
  • Assessment of strength of concrete.


  • Masons and contractors become vigilant about quality of concrete.
  • Test certificate serves as documentary proof of quality.
  • Right quality of concrete for structure.
  • Satisfied customers spread positive word of mouth.

Instant Mix Proportioning

Instant Mix Proportioning, a value-added service offering by Ambuja Cement, helps users select the right ingredients and the right proportions to get concrete of desired strength and durability.


  • Denser, less permeable and more durable concrete.
  • Making best use of available raw materials.
  • Yields the most economical and workable concrete..


  • Less cost: Reduction in future maintenance and repair cost.
  • Less risk: Improved strength reduces risk of additional costs and losses.
  • Satisfied customers spread positive word of mouth.

Modular curing solution

The Modular Curing Solution, a value added service offered by Ambuja Cement, does away with the need to frequently water the concrete slab surface. This reduces human effort and negates the chances of errors in concrete curing.


  • Trained technicians help lay the modular curing system – an improvement on the traditional water curing method.


  • More effective curing.
  • Does away with the need to cure the slab surface.
  • Saves cost of water and labour.


  • Saves effort as there is no need to keep the slab surface moist.
  • Saves at least 10,000 litres of water.
  • Satisfied customers spread positive word of mouth.

Neev Abhiyan

Neev Abhiyan is a bespoke initiative by Ambuja Cement aimed at imparting formal training and skill building to unskilled labourers. This initiative helps them become trained masons and even contractors.

The Neev Abhiyan initiative also helps address the growing demand for trained masons and contractors required by the rapidly growing construction sector in India. As part of the initiative, Ambuja Cement has created different modules to train construction workers, masons and contractors which are rolled out independently, in association with NGOs, or with government support.

The duration of the modules, designed keeping in mind unique requirements of specific segments, varies from one day to 30 days. The training involves classroom as well as field sessions with focus on knowledge application.

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